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We will assess and address your landscaping needs with our affordable and reliable landscape evaluation and improvement services promptly.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space efficiently, ensuring it meets your aesthetic and functional needs without unnecessary costs.

We transform 

 (almost) Everything

From residential gardens to commercial landscapes and beyond. Our team handles all landscaping needs, ensuring every property, whether home or business, looks its best.

Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland

Based in Victoria, BC, we proudly serve all areas of Vancouver Island and the mainland. No matter where you are, we'll come to you!

Disposal Services

Our landscaping disposal services efficiently remove debris, old plants, and unwanted materials before or after the transformation.

Service Rates


Service within a 50km range from Victoria.


  • 2 landscapers

  • Landscaping service



  • 4 landscapers

  • Landscaping service


+ Disposal fees


*Prices DO NOT include taxes

*Let us know in advance if you have any particular request.  

*Disposal fees will vary depending on the amount/size of waste.

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